Soul of Mexico

Colors of Mexico

Discover the endless range of shades that make México's soul a living kaleidoscope full of colour. To visit Mexico means to live, experience and breathe its colours: from its banner to its markets, from the turquoise blue of its seas to the Mexican pink of its rebozos (shawls) and walls. There is no limit to the palette of colours: that is the essence of Mexico, of its streets, of its neighborhoods,of its murals. Mexico is all about colour, and it only takes a glimpse at the the masterpieces of its painters and muralists to see it come alive.

Flavors of Mexico

To live the true Mexican experience, you have to let it get to your palate. You have to taste the joy of thousands of flavours blending together to create a remarkable cuisine that has been declared World Heritage by UNESCO. From its simple daily foods such as tamales, tortillas and tacos, to its more refined dishes such as moles and chiles en nogada, the Mexican gastronomy reflects the diversity of its people and regions. Not to mention the variety of its spirits including the famous Tequila and Mezcal. Wherever you go, you will find trendy, world class restaurants and a local cuisine that will impress you and delight you. And you will go home with the certainty that Mexico not only sounds good but also tastes good!

Culture of Mexico

Mexico's wealth can be measured in different ways: through its fauna, its flora, through the diversity of the ecosystems within its territory, through its mines, its silver. But none of this compares to its rich cultural heritage. Mexico is all about history. It's a country that you can never fully discover. Its prehispanic roots - which still beat in its streets, in its colours, in its music -- blend harmoniously with European culture, making it an amazing place of contrasts. Mexico's voice is unique because it consists of many voices: the voices of its monuments, its mountains, its volcanoes, its pyramids, its haciendas. The prehispanic culture, the independence, the revolution and the present all come together and rise.

Joy of Mexico

When you come to Mexico, you smile during your entire journey. You enjoy every single moment in this land because immersing yourself in Mexico is swimming in the crystalline waters of its cenotes, climbing its mountains, touring its valleys, exploring its forests and discovering a suprising and exuberant natural world. You must ride horseback along the beach and swim in the sea alongside turtles, above the coral reefs, and with luck, you may even spot a whale shark. Enjoying yourself in Mexico may also mean exploring the lively cantina bars in the center of the capital to savor a great mezcal, attending a show at the Degollado Theatre in Guadalajara, falling in love with a folk dance performance in the beautiful palace of Bellas Artes, or cheering along at a Mexican wrestling match. There is no limit to the joy of Mexico.

Nature of Mexico

Mexico is a humid jungle, a temperate wood, an arid desert, a cloud forest, a wild mangrove. Mexico is a jaguar, a mythical quetzal bird. Mexico is The Pacific, The Gulf, The Caribbean, The Atlantic and the Sea of Cortés. Natural diversity is one of Mexico's most striking characteristics. Endless rivers are the veins that flow throughout the country. Acres of forest act as the lungs of the land, and volcanoes rumble beneath the Mexican soil. Mexico is the Chapultepec Wood In Mexico City, the Tree of Tule in Oaxaca, the deserts of Baja California and Sonora and the Cenotes in the Yucatan Peninsula. Mexico is a unique experience at every step of the way.