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We are a multigenerational family business with over 25 years of experience.
Thousands of travelers have used our services and recognize us as a trusted name in travel.
We are also acclaimed by prestigious organizations like SITE and MPI, which we have belonged to for years.


To talk about Beatriz is to talk tourism from T to M. She is a mother, a grandmother, and a businesswoman. In love with her country, her culture and her traditions, she has been the president of SITE, vice-president of MPI and IITR, member of AMATUR and of the Committee of Tourism for businesses promoting tourism in Mexico.


His voice is the voice of knowledge. And moreover, he speaks four languages. Founder and CEO of GoMexico, he has always been and remains a man of tourism. For him, it is better to arrive one hour early tan one minute late. More than fifty years of experience in Europe and Mexico. Dedicated to the complete satisfaction of every single customer.


Georg Diederich, Director of GoMexico Groups and Incentives in Europe. Georg, born in Germany and trained in biogeography, speaks fluent German, Spanish and English. He has nearly 20 years of experience working with European clients with Latin American destinations directly from his office in Germany. Extremely knowledgeable about the countries he promotes, he will personally tend to every detail of each request, always providing the quality of service our clients demand. To trust Georg with your trip guarantees that you will have an unforgettable experience.


If you need a cultural guide during your trip, she is the best. Trained in tourism, a profesional ballerina, and a lover of traveling. She will personally ensure that your trip is a complete experience, that it will not lack fine arts or gourmet food. She has represented various states in Mexico, luxury hotels, and Mexican talent. Quality is her specialty.


Trained in communications. Lover of cinema, literature, and sports. He makes up part of the communications and marketing team of GoMexico. Without a doubt, you will also find him on social media. Would you like a sports event in your trip, adventure, or even sky-diving? Vicente will be your best guide for all things extreme sports.


Travel guide since 1993, she is a part of the recognized and profesional GoMexico team. Combines her experience, creativity and professionalism in the planning and development of the best options for your trip. Attends to the tastes, preferences and needs of even the most demanding customers so that their experience with GoMexico will be the best.


Passionate about numbers, and a aficionado of biomedicine. Immersed in the tourism world since 1981 and part of GoMexico since 1993. Motor and administrator of the business. Lidia ensures that every investment made in your trip will be readily apparent in the final result. If Lidia approves Lidia hará que cada inversión realizada en tu viaje, sea magnificada en el resultado final. With Lidia’s approval, you will be able to make splendid things happen. Satisfaction guaranteed.